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SANPRA is committed to being compliant with HIPAA regulations. As your partner in the chain of trust carrying health information, we have in place specific technical and physical security features for data system components, identification of authorized users, control of access, data integrity, and backup/recovery to ensure availability and reliability. Listed below is an overview of the security features we have deployed:


  • Authentication is ensured through efficient use of passwords to establish user identity. Access to our proprietary workflow and distribution system is granted only after authentication.


  • Authorization is ensured through grant of access based on client-defined, role-based access rights.


  • Data, program, system, and network integrity play a role in ensuring that information is changed only in a specified and authorized manner.

Audit Trail

  • Complete logging of all modifications made to each and every document, including editor, editor's role, and time of edit.

System Security Monitoring

  • Monitoring of activities occurring in our system to prevent and/or detect any breach.

Data Storage and Transmission Features

  • Secure physical storage of all data and secure transmission. This includes constant surveillance by network experts; premises protected by security guards, backup generators, and securely encrypted transmission between SANPRA and its clients.


  • We restrict access to all confidential information. Only select employees may access the system for administrative and support purposes. These employees are very limited in number and are committed to the SANPRA privacy and security policies. We take the extra step of having our employees execute nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements with us, which provides explicit legal confidentiality protections. Security of your and your client's data is of greatest importance to SANPRA. We are poised to adapt our technologies to the latest and most promising developments in the field, so that the highest level of security is maintained.


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