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Why Outsource
Why Outsource?

Outsourcing your in-house work to SANPRA lowers costs by eliminating capital expenditures and reducing operating costs. Your overall savings would be between 30-50% for an year.

No Staffing Expenses

  • You don't have to hire transcriptionists, quality assurance editors and transcription supervisors. The entire process of Transcription is handled by SANPRA and this eliminates transcriptionists'/editors' salaries and other benefits.

No Hardware and Capital Investments

  • The need to invest in hardware for transcription workstations and servers is completely eliminated.

No Annual Maintenance Expenses

  • The need to maintain the workstations and servers is eliminated and this adds to the overall savings.

Authentic and verifiable line-counting methods

  • SANPRA follows 65-character per line counting methods, which can be verified by the client.
  • You will save substantially compared with your current transcription service provider with total outsourcing to SANPRA.


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